GEOTRAC is the leading Fleet Management System in the Caribbean region. It is a GPS based fleet and asset
management solution designed to assist business owners, managers, and supervisors to manage all of
their mobile assets. With GeoTrac the status of your cars, trucks, trailers, mobile phones and so much more
can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Monitor, track, command.

GPS Tracking
GISCAD Fleet Management - GPS Tracking
24/7 Location Tracking
GISCAD Fleet Management - 24/7 Location Tracking
Vehicle activity and history
GISCAD Fleet Management - Vehicle activity and behaviour
Driver behaviour
GISCAD Fleet Management - driver behaviour
Easy to use interface
GISCAD Fleet Management - easy to use interface
Motor Vehicle Conditions
GISCAD Fleet Management - motor vehicle conditions
Reports and alerts
GISCAD Fleet Management - reports and alerts
Remote shutdown
GISCAD Fleet Management - remote shutdown
Geo-fences and 'sites'
GISCAD Fleet Management - geo-fences and 'sites'
High resolution maps & satellite
GISCAD Fleet Management - High resolution maps and satellite imagery
GISCAD Fleet Management - access GISCAD ltd POI data
Maintenance Schedule
GISCAD Fleet Management - maintenance schedule
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GISCAD Fleet Management - GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking 

Manage assets such as construction equipment, pumps, generators, cranes, pipelines, liquid/gas tanks, refrigerated cargo, chillers, mining operations, fracking sites—from anywhere, at any time.


24/7 Location Tracking 

Track your asset 24/7 in real time from anywhere. Just log in to you Geotrac interface from any device!


Vehicle Activity and History 

Accurately record arrival and departure times at customer locations. Oftentimes, this is all the data needed to resolve customer billing disputes.

See into your remote operations by learning how on-site assets are being used or sitting idle.

Have a permanent record, in the cloud, of asset usage patterns for future analysis, investigations, and other historical data needs.


Driver Behaviour 

With GeoTrac you can monitor the behaviour and driving patterns of individual drivers to ensure the safety and security of your assets, and cargo.


Easy to use Interface 

GeoTrac’s interface is extremely user friendly, ensuring that you can easily manage your fleet from the comfort of your office.


Monitor Vehicle Conditions 

Measure engine operating hours, fuel consumption, mileage, and other metrics remotely.


Reports and Alerts 

Identify problems quickly and reduce downtime with critical alerts. Gain valuable, real-time insights into remote operations with reports.


Remote Shutdown 

GPS-based tracking systems play a major role both in preventing the theft of assets and in expediting their recovery.


Geo-Fences and Sites 

Create Geo-Fences for each vehicle to ensure that you receive an alert anytime it strays out of bounds.


High Resolution Maps and Satellite Imagery 

Access our state of the art maps and satellite imagery from your interface.


Access Giscad Limited Points of Interest 

All GeoTrac fleets gain access to Giscad Limited’s complete Point of Interest database, in which we mapped over 36,000 social and commercial points in more than 100 categories.


Maintenance Schedule 

Manage maintenance schedules for all the assets in your fleet from one convenient location. Never worry about missing a servicing appointment again and ensure that every vehicle is kept in optimal condition!


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GISCAD creates GIS solutions, consisting of data, hardware, software and implementation services.

GISCAD is an authorised  Autodesk Inc Software reseller for the region. We also supply other product specific software applications to streamline your performance and maintenance workflows.

GISCAD Limited is the regional leader in Fleet Management solutions. Our systems consist of hardware, software, implementation, and support services, to provide your company with GPS fleet management and tracking, route system management, and fuel management.