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Fleet Management

We provide proactive fleet management tools for a changing world. 
Control costs, stay agile and increase the productivity of your fleet with our leading platforms. 

•    GeoTab 
•    ZenduIT
•    Geoforce

•    Valor



GISCAD Guyana Inc. is authorized to provide Autodesk’s software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education and entertainment industries.

•    AEC Collection

•    AutoCAD

•    Civil 3D
•    BIM 360

GISCAD Oracle partner.png


Giscad Guyana Inc. is authorized to provide Oracle’s comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. Oracle is known as a global leader in enterprise software and IT solutions.

•    Applications

•    Platform

•   Infrastructure


GIS Professional Services

Our GIS Specialists have experience in all aspects of GIS­ related services. With our extensive land­ related and surveying experience combined with our expertise in various GIS Software, we have developed and implemented many mapping-based GIS projects. We specialize in mapping any kind of land management details, such as deeds, rights of way, permits and leases. We are also quite capable at dealing with and mapping any terrestrial asset a client may desire.

•    POI Data
•    Consultancy Services



Giscad Guyana Inc. was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Giscad Limited. 

Our aim is to provide best in class solutions, software, and services to existing and new clients with distinctive value add-ons and high-quality service that has always set us apart from the competition.
As a subsidiary of GISCAD Limited, Giscad Guyana Inc. is responsible for the following technologies in Guyana: Autodesk, Geotab, Zendu-IT, Geoforce and DELAIR.

GISCAD Limited is the Caribbean’s leading provider of geospatial, engineering design software solutions, and hosts one of the most robust fleet management systems available in the Caribbean.
Operations span the entire length and breadth of the Caribbean, through our subsidiaries and distributor network with services spanning as far as Belize, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica, Suriname, and the Eastern Caribbean. 


Roberta Nicolls GISCAD Guyana.jpeg

Roberta Nicolls, Business Development Manager (Giscad Guyana Incorporated)


Optimised Fleet Managment is already benefiting our clients here in Guyana

BPI Guyana

Our Fleet Management helps  businesses optimise their fleet, reduce costs and boost sales.

SM Jaleel

GISCAD Referrals
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