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Highly automated and secure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure combines the elasticity and utility of public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on premises infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for enterprises looking for higher performance, lower costs, and easier cloud migration for their existing on-premises applications. 

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Autonomous Database

  • Provides a fully autonomous, mission critical Oracle Database that runs al workloads including OLTP, Analytics, batch, JSON, Document and IoT.

  • Automatically scales, tunes, patches, and senses the database online using machine

  • Compatibility with on premise Oracle Database.

  • Highest Database security, availability, and performance.

  • Elastic serverless architecture.

  • Eliminate errors and reduce operational costs.

Oracle Analytics.jpg

Oracle Analytics

Oracle Analytics uses built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data across your organization so you can make smarter, more informed decisions, faster.

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud

  • Oracle Big Data Service

  • Oracle Big Data SQL Cloud Service

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Catalog

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Flow

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming

  • Oracle Data Science

  • Oracle Essbase

oracle application development.jpg

Application Development

Code less and build more web, mobile, and cloud-native applications faster with Oracle Cloud’s open and integrated application development platform.

  • API Gateway

  • Blockchain Platform

  • Container Engine for Kubernetes

  • Container Registry

  • Data Science

  • Digital Assistant

  • Events Service

  • Functions

  • Java

  • Mobile Hub

  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)

  • Oracle Content and Experience

  • Oracle MySQL Database Service

  • Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service

  • Oracle Visual Builder

  • Oracle Visual Builder Studio


Applied Software Technology

Transformational technologies like AI, blockchain, machine learning, data science, and digital assistants are revolutionizing entire industries by integrating these services into enterprise applications or using Oracle’s ready-to-use, modern SaaS applications that embed these applied software technologies into your fundamental business processes.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Blockchain

  • Data Science

  • Digital Assistant

  • Machine Learning

  • Tactical Edge Cloud



OCI built our infrastructure to deliver the performance, scalability and services needed to run the most demanding enterprise workloads and the most modern cloud native applications. We offer a compute service designed for every workload, delivering new levels of cloud performance for HPC and Enterprise applications with our bare metal Intel and nVidia GPU services, custom and dynamically elastic compute shapes on our AMD Epyc services as well as cloud-native services for Kubernetes and Serverless functions

  • Bare Metal Compute

  • Container Engine for Kubernetes

  • Container Registry

  • High Performance Computing

  • Virtual Machines and Bare Metal (GPU)

  • Virtual Machines

oracle Cloud Database_edited.jpg


Oracle Autonomous Database is a unified database offering that bring Oracle database technology into an automated, self-healing platform. With support for multiple modes and data structures, we automate all routine database tasks, saving countless hours of manual, human effort and ensuring higher performance, reliability, security, and operational efficiency.

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse

  • Autonomous JSON Database

  • Autonomous Transaction Processing

  • Database Cloud Service: Bare Metal

  • Database Cloud Service: Virtual Machine

  • Exadata Cloud@Customer

  • Exadata Cloud Service

  • Oracle MySQL Database Service

  • Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service



Accelerate digital transformation initiatives with Oracle Integration. Get a jumpstart with pre-integrated connectivity to Oracle and third-party SaaS and on-premises apps, run-ready process automation templates, and an intuitive visual app builder for rapid web and mobile app development

  • API Gateway

  • Application Integration

  • Oracle GoldenGate

  • Oracle Data Integrator

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration

  • SOA Cloud Service

Oracle Cloud Observability.png

Observability and Management

Eliminate the human effort required to monitor and manage applications and infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Observability and Management services work with the entire operational data set for managing on-premise environments, Oracle Cloud environments, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Application Performance Monitoring

  • Database Management

  • Governance Tools (Audit, Tagging, Cost Management)

  • Logging

  • Logging Analytics

  • Monitoring

  • Notifications

  • Operations Insights

  • Resource Manager

Oracle Networking Connectivity and Edge

Networking, Connectivity and Edge Services

OCI networking services offer Layer 2 isolation of your tenancy to prevent ‘noisy neighbors’ from disrupting your workloads and offers highly customizable virtual cloud networks (VCN) and connectivity services that extend your IT infrastructure without the massive network egress services common in public clouds.

  • DNS

  • Email Delivery

  • FastConnect

  • Health Checks

  • Load Balancing

  • Service Gateway

  • Traffic Management

  • Virtual Cloud Network

Oracle Security Identity and Compliance.

Security, Identity and Compliance

Concerns about security should not keep you from the cloud, it should move you toward it. Implement and manage consistent security, identity and access management policies across the hybrid data center while maintaining compliance.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

  • Cloud Guard

  • Database Security

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Identity Cloud Service

  • Key Management

  • Security Zones

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Oracle Cloud Storage.jpg


Cloud storage does not have to be confusing, surprisingly expensive, or slow. Oracle Cloud delivers consistent, low-cost cloud storage options including on-demand local, object, file, high IOPS block and standard block storage services, and archive storage and secure data transfer services.

  • Archive Storage

  • Block Volumes

  • Data Transfer

  • File Storage

  • Local NVMe SSD

  • Object Storage

  • Storage Gateway

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