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What Is Oracle Cloud Platform?

Oracle Cloud Platform combines Oracle’s platform as a service (PaaS) with our cloud infrastructure, enabling you to deliver innovation faster than ever before and with the scale and reliability you expect from Oracle.

Oracle Platform as a Service. The Tools to Innovate - Now.


Oracle’s extensive PaaS portfolio gives you the tools you need to develop, integrate, monitor, and secure applications as well as the means to use analytics to build actionable, transformational insights.

Complete solutions reduce complexity. Oracle is a dominant SaaS provider with products across enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer experience (CX), enterprise performance management (EPM), and more. Oracle’s PaaS portfolio is equally—if not more—comprehensive, anchored by Gartner’s MQ-leading Oracle Database, that not only provides unparalleled integration between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, but also integrates with on-premises platform technologies to create a seamless customer experience, improve operational efficiencies, and foster innovation.

Open to support the one inevitable constant in today’s modern IT architectures: change. Oracle’s differentiated approach to the cloud gives organizations the highest level of flexibility across their applications and IT architecture, supporting changes over time. With Oracle Cloud Platform, organizations can run both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads and connect to Oracle and non-Oracle applications. This cloud architecture provides deployment flexibility, timing options, and personalization to every cloud journey—optimizing current value. Oracle Cloud Platform also enables the adoption of cloud technology standards such as Docker or the ability to support VMware, and provides support for microservices and polyglot languages.

A secure approach to the cloud is at Oracle’s core, both with embedded security deep within each layer of the cloud (down to the chip layer) and separate cloud security services that customers can build into their cloud applications. To ensure the highest security within the public cloud, Oracle built a data-centric strategy that includes privileged user controls to prevent super-users from having too much access to data. Oracle also prevents cloud administrators from seeing the data across customers’ databases. Oracle’s security cloud services allow customers to get visibility and control of unsanctioned apps; protect against sophisticated cyberattacks with unified insight and machine learning; build identity-driven security operations to prevent, detect, and defend; and provide user access controls, encryption, and masking.

Choice across cloud deployment options provides organizations with total control and flexibility. Oracle allows their customers to deploy and manage their respective applications on their own private cloud, or they can move those workloads to the public cloud. This movement is a seamless migration through the use of Oracle’s standard technologies (same standards, same products, and unified management). Oracle Cloud at Customer provides additional options by allowing organizations to bring the power of Oracle Cloud within their respective firewalls.

Future-ready. Oracle is revolutionizing how data is managed with the introduction of the world’s first self-driving database. This groundbreaking Oracle Database technology automates data management to deliver unprecedented availability, performance, and security—through the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the Gartner MQ Leading Database. Oracle Autonomous Database includes three key elements: Database-optimized infrastructure as a service, automated database operations, and policy-driven workload optimization and machine learning. Together, this solution enables provisioning, patching, upgrading, and backing up online; monitoring, scaling, diagnosis performance, tuning, and optimizing; and automatic handling of failures and errors.

Intelligent. Oracle Analytics Cloud offers a comprehensive set of driver-based analytic services in the cloud, including data ingest, data governance, reporting, and analysis as well as machine learning-based model building, management, and deployment. Oracle Cloud Analytics delivers a single platform that spans all users including line of business, business analysts, data scientists, and IT. Oracle Analytics integrates across any data type such as relational or big data, NoSQL, object storage, and data lakes, and is integrated with all applications.

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