GIS Mapping

GISCAD Ltd. has been providing GIS mapping services for nearly 13 years.

We have completed hundreds of digitizing projects, for many clients. Our GIS Specialists have experience in all aspects of GIS­related services. With our extensive land­related and surveying experience combined with our expertise in various GIS Software, we have developed and implemented many mapping based GIS projects. We specialize in mapping any kind of land management details, such as deeds, rights of way, permits and leases. We are also quite capable at dealing with, and mapping any terrestrial asset a client may desire.

All GISCAD Ltd. Mapping/GIS Specialists have degrees in Surveying or GIS related major. We also have team members with degrees in IT, Environmental Engineering, Agri Science and Planning. Many GISCAD Ltd Specialists have advanced degrees in GIS, Project Management and Environmental Management .

Our past projects include digitizing, raster to vector data conversion, georeferencing, advanced spatial analysis, custom map preparation, converting from old to new Esri technologies, and more.


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GISCAD creates GIS solutions, consisting of data, hardware, software and implementation services.

GISCAD is an authorised  Autodesk Inc Software reseller for the region. We also supply other product specific software applications to streamline your performance and maintenance workflows.

GISCAD Limited is the regional leader in Fleet Management solutions. Our systems consist of hardware, software, implementation, and support services, to provide your company with GPS fleet management and tracking, route system management, and fuel management.