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Founded in 2003, GISCAD Limited is the Caribbean’s leading provider of geospatial, engineering design software solutions, fleet management and GPS tracking solutions in both the Public and Private Sector markets. GISCAD maintains access to leading solutions, ongoing research and development; a highly skilled and creative technical support team; a strong sales and marketing team; and a corporate reputation for the highest quality and innovation.

GISCAD's business approach is defined by our strategic plan. A strategic plan that differentiates us as an organization from others in the marketplace, by the way in which we provide products and services with distinctive qualities valued by customers. GISCAD maintains its position at the top because we set ourselves apart from the competition.

GISCAD Limited is an authorized supplier for Autodesk, Oracle, Geotab, GeoForce, Delair, Eagle point, Spectra Precision, Seco, Digital Globe, Zendu IT. Our Caribbean-wide reach extends from Belize in the Central America, the entire Caribbean and to Suriname & Guyana in South America.


Data Capture Services, Software Solutions, Application Development, Scanning, GIS Spatial Analysis and Consultancy, Satellite and Remote Sensing Imagery, Automated Vehicle Tracking, Location Systems, Vector Information, Fleet Management, Fuel Management, Mobile Sales Accounting Solutions, GPS & GNSS Equipment & Software Solutions


Autodesk Engineering Design
Engineering Design Software and 3D Design Rendering.

  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  • Product Design and Manufacturing

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Workflows


Oracle Integrated Cloud Applications and Platform Services
Oracle industry specific cloud infrastructure and application solutions.

  • Construction and engineering products

  • Banking and Finance

  • Communications

  • Construction and Engineering

  • Food and Beverage

  • Health Care

Fleet management & GPS Solutions

Integrated and Scalable Fleet management solutions for all businesses.




Features and Capabilities:

  • Automated Vehicle Tracking

  • Location Systems

  • Fuel Management

  • GPS

  • Integrated and scalable Fleet management Software

  • Non-invasive hardware options

  • Dispatching tools and software

  • Customizable reporting capabilities

  • IVMS Approved

  • Dashboard Analytics

  • Route Management

  • Service Management

GIS Professional Services

Expertise in Geospatial analysis and mapping.

       Pix 4D
       QGIS Training


Features and Capabilities:

  • Satellite and Remote Sensing Imagery

  • Mapping

  • Software Solutions

  • Data Capture Services

  • GIS Spatial Analysis and Consultancy

  • GNSS Equipment & Software Solutions


AMCHAM Trinidad and Tobago a GISCAD affiliate
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